Running Horses

Picture: Running Horses by Tallonis




Running horses


A spark in my heart,

Among hills of green and copper.

They blend with the greenery,

Of trees, grass and bushes,

Along the rivers slithering placidly.

A drizzle haze in the distance

Does not tarnish

The golden brown sunlight

Dappling the land of many a lake.

On the contrary,

It serves the noble purpose

Of framing the Bigger Picture.


A glimpse…

Will we ever be able to live in bliss

As naturally as we wake up in the morning?

Will we ever learn from the running horses,

The unpopular sheep,

The mighty hawk,

And the sliding fish?

Tall, oh so tall,

Birch, pine, ash and maple

Shake hands with the sky.

As if to say:


You can do it too.”

Everything around mirrors

The abundance of the Universe

In many a way, shape and form.

A stretch of woodland, wide and long,

Populate these fine old hills,

Reminding us,

Inspiring us

To be brave,

And aid ourselves.

And aid what appears to be


What appears to be Nature

Expanding outside of us.

Try, for a second,

To feel as if there were no boundaries

Between inside and outside.

How does it feel to blend

With the whole of creation?

Who are You really?