Rowan Tree (罗恩树)


Embroidery by Lili Jahilo




Your children,  sleigh-bells,

Ring red, orange and sharp;

It’s Christmas every day.

You stand tall, my little friend;

Ash, beech and oak, your giant tribe folk,

Respect your trade and your grave.

Feasts of butterflies,

Busy bees and flies,

Loyal bird-midwives.

In essence,

The whole forest thrives.


When you stop trying to solve the mystery,

You become it.

Birds and butterflies,

Bees and flies,

Rain and trenches,

Leaves and branches.

In essence,

You become You,

One with everything.

Luō ēn shù.



Subconscious, Conscious And Superconscious


Picture by Dimitry Belikov




We all have a notion, at least intuitive, of what is the subconscious mind. It refers to all those pieces of information, all those energies of which we’re not aware in daily life. It’s basically the product of our upbringing, of our conditioning, more or less supported by the physiology of our growing little bodies.

The conscious mind, on the other hand, is all about what we can label and imagine, decision making, “logical” thinking. In most cases is only directed by the subconscious, by the past, printed in our body-mind ego structure. Good news is that we have the power to rewrite the subconscious in order to attract different circumstances in our lives. How so? By means of our innate ability to focus. Of the trillions of bits of information we can perceive, we choose only less than two million. To direct our focus we must use techniques like visualization, affirmations, physically active rituals involving yoga, dancing, acting. All of them are very powerful as long as they are charged with emotion – energy in motion. In this way, we tap into the vibrational aspect of reality, that some call the 4th dimension.

All good. It’s a very powerful state of consciousness, you can literally and metaphorically, do the magic in 4D. However, you can feel that we’re missing out something. What’s that? Yes, you got it. The superconscious. That is the realm of the essence. Beyond past conditioning, beyond conscious thinking. It’s amazing when you realize that you can tap into it right now. Actually, you can only access it now. The prerequisite to align to a 5th-dimensional state of consciousness, that, for the record, is your natural state, is being present to the moment. True presence connects you to the superconscious. Why? Because you let go of labeling your experience through past-conditioned reasoning. It’s all about real novelty. You let the wordless intelligence of nature, of pure consciousness, of the Universe, of God – however you feel more comfortable to call it – flow through you.

From a 3D and 4D perspective, connecting to the divine is a process that takes time. The research of God, some say. Nonetheless, by realizing time is an ego-generated illusion anyways, you can fully tap into presence. Here and now. How to do that?

I’m going to mention some techniques you can research deeply by yourself after reading this article. We have that of  Proprioception, namely perceiving the aliveness in your physical body. We have Mindfulness Meditation, that mainly focuses on the five senses, separately and simultaneously. And we have more, I assure you. However, what really helped me in my experience, as a beginner and forward, is observing my thoughts and emotions neutrally. A non-judgemental attitude really makes a difference when it comes to awareness. You really let nature do its thing.



We Share The Essence


Picture by Mark Webster




Yellow rose

In her shifting pose,

Lulled by the wind,

I take that hint.

Into me, into you,

The cherry tree is bearing fruit.

If reality’s a mirror,

I see stillness.

In my aching limbs,

Beyond my pride,

I surrender to the Flow,

For I am the Flow,

And I share the essence of the yellow rose.



Unexpected Blessings

great_blue_heron_in_flightwebsite (1)

Picture by Rob Dreyer




Welcome unexpected blessings,



The robin song echoing from a twig,

The smile of a cute face down the street,

The nurturing scent of fresh soil,

The smooth fragrance of olive oil.


The acrobatic seagull in the wind,

The blotch of sunlight above grey clouds,

The dead leaves dancing in a whirlwind,

The morning sky that mistily clouds.


The heron gazing its pond like a king,

The crow flying on its black magic wing.

But not all of them look like a blessing,

Some are disguised and unleash hurting.

Things in life don’t happen to you,

They happen for you.

Welcome unexpected blessings,




Give Yourself Permission


Picture: Hummingbird Love (Open Hands) by Elody Gyekis




Give yourself permission

To feel the breeze on your skin,

To listen to the wind.

Give yourself permission

To breathe in the stillness of a tree,

To learn from the careless joy of a dog.

Give yourself permission

To be in harmony with the people surrounding you,

To honour them with your presence.



Whatever the circumstances,

Give yourself permission

To be happy now.



Coming Down With The Rain


Picture by Amanda Hunter




All memories dissolve in the beautiful now.


Thoughts of grief and regret

Are carried away by the wind;

I become the wind,

The rustling leaves of the maples,

The buzzing jumps of the beetles,

The swift movement of the sparrows.

You’re not with me,

But my love remains.

Love beyond the limitations

Of these bodies.

The same love flowing through maples, beetles, and sparrows,

Coming down with the rain

Drizzling on your moon face.



The Seagull’s Laughter


Picture by David Sousa




A gentle reminder

Of oneness.

I am the seagull flying above the streets

Flying in the rain

Flying ‘bove the chimneys

Flying ‘bove the pain

Of our blind realities…

Our small suffering is a tiny part of the whole,

The Nature whole we’re one with;

So let there be healing:

Witness the trees drinking from the sky

Witness the crows rejoicing on death

Witness the purity of a smile

Untarnished by the mind;

Listen to the seagull’s laughter as you walk by.