The River Of Sounds


Picture: Sublime Park by Leonid Afremov




Warning: the following article might irreversibly change your perception of reality.


I’m listening: voices, the heating system, automatic doors, coins in pockets, steps, snaps, giggles, various accents, coughing… The list could be infinite. Have you ever wondered how many labels we, consciously or unconsciously, attach to the sounds we hear? This is the standard approach to our soundscape at any given moment. All these labels contribute to our conditioning, igniting conscious or unconscious reactions in us. What’s wrong about it? Absolutely nothing. The human experience is also based on this very common process. But, what if I told you that we have a choice regarding this “natural” behavior? What if I told you that you don’t have to label every single sound? What if we were free to listen beyond analyzing everything? Your soundscape can be your meditation. Your soundscape can be a portal to the Unmanifested, as Eckhart Tolle likes to call it in his books, to the essence beyond forms.

In this society, we’re frequently reminded about the reasons why we do something, about the goals we want to achieve, constantly projecting us somewhere in the future based on what we’ve learned in the past. Once again, nothing wrong with the traditional approach. However, I want to encourage you to try something else forgetting any expectations of the outcome. I want to encourage you to be comfortable with what’s going on right now. Let’s start with how to listen without labels at this precise moment.

First and foremost, I humbly suggest you ground yourself in the body, though it’s not strictly necessary. Feel your body from the inside. If you’ve never practiced a “body scan” you might be surprised by pains and resisting thoughts. No worries, it’s natural. Observe it as neutrally as possible, as if it was not your body, and get back to the practice. You can start by feeling the field of energy in your hands and feet and gradually feel the whole inner body. Try my guided meditation called Exploring The Vehicle if you want to get more familiar with this practice.

Once you’ve grounded yourself in your body without judging it, positively or negatively, you can start noticing the sounds around you. At first, of course, you will need to label them – at least as “sounds” – in order to give your logical mind a sense of direction. Once you’re “there” you’ll automatically let go of logic. And by the way, the sole awareness of the fact that you are labeling sounds is already a sign that you’re becoming more conscious.

This practice is a great fit for any given (present) moment. Once your focus is mainly on your hearing – it won’t be necessarily stable, but it doesn’t matter – start to let go of labels and judgments towards any surging sound. If you get carried away by a train of thought, jump down the wagon as soon as possible and gently go back to listening. It’s totally okay. Moreover, you will discover a completely different soundscape than before, since every moment is fundamentally unique. For some, it might be helpful to focus on one sound at a time, and once it’s extinguished jump forward to the next.

At some point, you’ll manage to let sounds smoothly flow through your awareness. Imagine them like a homogenous river of information. Of course, there’ll be fish, eels, rocks, weeds, and water. Yet, you can focus your attention on the river itself, on the whole. Therefore, you will, gradually and naturally, let go of the label “sounds”. Hold this sensation, go back to it, cherish it. In this way, the observer and the observed become one. A sense of peace appears; a sort of silence becomes accessible. Even in the middle of the noisiest environments, you have access to a new dimension. I will not spend too many words to describe it. Try it yourself, experience it.

The same perspective can be adopted when listening to music as well. All kinds of music, as long as you devote your complete attention to it. You risk feeling like you’re listening to one of your favorite songs for the first time. No wonder: your sharpened awareness, devoid of the habitual mental commentary or digressions, connects with the essence of whatever you are listening to. You become The River of Sounds. And swimming a little bit further you connect to who you truly are. Pure awareness. One with everything.



In Everything That You Do


Picture: The Light Breaks Through by Kimberley Harris




I am you

In everything that I do;

You are me

You’re the sand and the sea;

They are us

When they get off the bus;

We are them

When we dance our amen;

There’s only Life.

So you use that knife:

The veil is ripped, the farce dissolves.

Light breaks through, in everything that you do.



The Door


Picture by Ram Onkar




A door in the dark

Nicely made, cedar wood, brass finish and handle.

It’s scary because it guards the unknown,

So excuses pop in the mind like salmon.

You believe the chatty salmon and dismiss the door:

“There might be demons there, there might be effort…”

“There might be beauty, so it must be locked.”

Hence you pick another passage, the gate is open down there, easy.

After a couple of miles, the same cedar wood door appears, again.

You look the other way,

Walk more.

It reappears: you must surrender.

Now, you find yourself picking the lock

For days, weeks, months

Finally, it opens


“Wait a minute, it didn’t click as usual.”

Yes, my friend,

Sometimes the door you were so afraid to go through,

To be blocked out from,

Was open, to begin with.




We Are Among You: Episode I


Picture: The Campfire Alien by Valarie Pacheco




“They seriously think they are their body?” asks Juma.

“Oh, they’re so cute… Look at that one he’s letting his mind control him completely! He’s beating the other! Hahahaaa! Ahhh… Humans.” exhale Kimi with a childlike smile on his face.

“They’re funny indeed… Cover that third eye!” whispers Juma.

“Oh… Yes, haha, sorry.” His third eye dissolves in his forehead.

“Do you want everybody to discover us?”

“Well, considering the state of things, it wouldn’t be a bad idea…” says Kimi.

“You know it. Their ego wouldn’t stand it. They’re not ready yet. It’s going to take a while. And by the way, the high vibrational ones – if there are any – will recognize us anyway.”

“Alright, let’s play this game then.”

“Exactly, but stay present, these bodies we use have an ego-software mind by default. Anytime you feel like you’re getting confused – it may happen, don’t laugh – watch the scars on your palms. Yes, the energetic holes.”

“Right. Uh, it seems like we’re already having our roles in this. You are the serious and focused one, I am the silly funny guy.”

“It’s part of the deal,” Juma shakes her breasts.

“You shouldn’t handle your front package like that, those humans seem a tad too attracted by it.”

“Oh, right, I’m a… Woman.” She sees herself in a shop’s window.

“Pretty hot too, wait a sec, what’s going on down here…”

“Oh that’s a man thing, these bodies are designed to mimic unity through the act of mating,” she slowly enunciates.

“Right, it feels strange… Oh, I can transmute this tingling energy to other energetic centres in the body. Wow, these 3D vehicles are pretty cool if you don’t count the density and heaviness.” appreciates Kimi.

“So, what’s next?”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh,” sighs Juma, ”you’re right there’s only now.”

“Watch your hands – please.” Kimi coaxes his companion.

“Let’s have fun with this then.”

“Oh, that’s what I like to hear from a hottie like you!”

“Is it normal that my body feels like picking up a stone and smash your brain?”

“They call it anger. It was useful to humans when they needed to fight for survival in nature. Then, for some reason, they grew affectionate to it and conditioned the later generations to have it. Look at those drunkards, for example, they think they’re separate to one another and anger is their favourite toy.”

“Ahh, I see, it looks pretty exciting,” admits Juma, “my body resonates with that lower energy in their bodies.”

“Well, yes, it’s like a drug, it takes over on you… It’s their pain body. The collective ego-mind software of the planet is still affected by that kind of energy. In actuality, it’s residue energy produced by the blocks in their individual bodies. That’s conditioning as well. Are you listening, Juma?”

“Yes, don’t label me, please. Look at that girl, she seems special…”

“Oh, your body must be – so they call it – lesb…”

“Shut up, she’s woke,” Juma throws herself towards the shiny girl grabbing Kimi’s harm, “she’s woke as fuck.”

“Hey, I saw your halo from afar, so good to…”

“Do I know you?” she stops her kindly. She has blond hair tied in a chignon; her face is pale, and the green eyes shape suggest her extra-terrestrial familiarity – she looks a bit like a frog, a pretty one though.

“No, hmm, yes, of course…”

“Wait a minute, Kharel? From Taygeta in the Pleiades?!” interrupts Kimi.

“How do you…”

Kurìla-kula ilal esh, sumarei.”

“Sorry, I don’t speak the language. I mean I’ve forgotten it. You know this conditioning shit…”

“Cheer up, we’re here for you.” Kimi embodies a the Superman power pose.

“No! Come on, you must have read my sci-fi blog! This is a prank!” She starts laughing to cover her embarrassment and the light surrounding her body dims. “I almost… Almost, eh.”

“Should I show her the third eye?” asks Kimi.

“Nope, she’s got to realize it by herself,” Juma shushes him.

“I’ve got it guys, thanks so much… Where are the cameras? Am I going to be on the internet?”

“Were you meditating before we’ve stopped you?” asks Juma.

“Yes, but you know that from my YouTube tutorials on mindfulness.”

“Her ego is in defense mo-o-ode,” gloats Kimi.

“Have a good day, sis” says Juma with a neutral smile on her face. They walk around the corner while the girl freezes, gaping in the middle of the sidewalk.

They walk a mile under the sun, and they start sweating abundantly.

“So, these things need to be maintained at the beginning, and they need a sort of fuel… What the heck?”

Juma has passed out and is lying on the floor, her mouth open in a painful grimace.

“Mmm, yeah, the fuel…”







If you want to explore this kind of  outlandish content check out Aaron Doughty’s videos on You Tube:

The Blindfold Smile


Picture: Blindfold #2 by Carol Aust




Many paths

Many forks

Many gateways.

From a bird’s eye perspective

Observe it blindfold and smile:

You don’t need to know.

On the road,

Sometimes the grime, the smog, the pain

The lines, the fog, the rain

Appear to be dark and vivid.

Please, observe:

They’ve no true meaning, only the mind labels.

Let there be the light of your gaze, now:

From awareness, you move with the Universe.



Active Meditation Workshop – Outdoors IBE and Mindfulness Practice – Edinburgh Edition


Picture by Giorgio Gosti




Let me introduce to you my new Meditation Workshop based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This session is aimed to introduce you to a new daily life approach and therefore enhance your overall mental, emotional and physical well-being.

As soon as you’ve read the title of this Workshop there must have been something that you couldn’t figure out well: what’s an IBE?

Some of you might have heard of O.B.E. – Out of Body Experience. Well, in my opinion, we have OBEs all the time. What takes us away from our bodies on a daily basis is the chattering mind. We are addicted to our thoughts – negative and positive ones – which in turn elicit emotions of all kinds. I.B.E. stands for Inner Body Experience. That’s it. And the means through which we are gaining access to the IBE is our natural ability to be aware of anything we focus on. Awareness is the key. By observing neutrally our body and it’s movements we are able to experience it without the filter of our thoughts. It might seem unthinkable, but that’s rather the point: our limits go beyond the rigid schemes of the thinking mind. Alongside with IBE – our very anchor – we’ll tap into the five senses following the same mechanism. Thus we become able to observe everything in a pure and non-judgmental way, in other words we meditate.

The techniques I introduce and teach in this Workshop alone will give you some tools experience your day to day life  in a whole new way. You will gain access to a dimension of peace and stillness that lies beyond outer circumstances – and the possibility to do so has always been there. These techniques come from my personal experience and studies in the field of yoga and meditation. The myth that I’m going to debunk is that you need to sit cross-legged on a mat or in the middle of a pristine natural spot to enjoy the benefits of meditation. So, in this precise Workshop I won’t take you in the woods or by the sea – as much as I love nature and its wonders. But, starting from the Meadows, I will take you right in the middle of the crowd of Edinburgh City Center and show you how to find more peace right there. We will be walking, stopping at the traffic lights, sitting around, observe things, and maybe have some food or a coffee together. Pretty common activities, isn’t it? It’s HOW we’ll do it that changes everything.




First and foremost, we will talk about some theory in order to apply it.. Afterwards we will dive deep into the practice and the techniques. The Workshop is 1 hour and a half long and it costs £22 per person (payments in cash or via paypal before the course). A maximum of four people at a time can attend and it’s necessary to book via. The Workshop is available in english, but I speak italian and some french too, which might facilitate the english learners from those countries. The price includes planting two trees with in an area of your choice (Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America.)

Contact details:

call, text, whatsapp, wechat +44 07925333879



Light As Breath


Picture by Trevor Drinen




Light as breath, on the breeze,

I soar with the seagulls ‘bove the chimneys.

I’m the sky, pure white, dissolving fast into the night.

Oh my, oh my, this moon has crazed us out

On her glory ride

And the tide is moving, like buds, we’re blooming.

So take a deep breath, my friend,


And out.

Witness the voiceless miracle, colour, sound, smell;

Taste and touch.

The gateway is open for you, step inside.