Willow Mirror


Picture by Debra Bucci





In my plans, I learn to grow flexible, like you do.

Energy in motion.

In my feeling, I learn to dance with the storms, like you do.


In my thirst, I learn to drink from the River, like you do.


Riding my bicycle like a knight-errant,

By the breeze of a late-summer evening,

I look and behold.

Shades unfold,

Sunset lights burst, evening

The surfaces of creation’s night errand.


I notice your perfect portrait,

Painted on the river…

Maybe, reality is a mirror as well.

Maybe, you can choose to feel well,

Attuning to energies that quiver

At higher frequencies, by Nature’s portrait.


Willow tree, beloved, native kindred,

With common oaks, white poplars and linden,

You fill my heart and teach me by example

To be brave, resilient and humble.




Subconscious, Conscious And Superconscious


Picture by Dimitry Belikov




We all have a notion, at least intuitive, of what is the subconscious mind. It refers to all those pieces of information, all those energies of which we’re not aware in daily life. It’s basically the product of our upbringing, of our conditioning, more or less supported by the physiology of our growing little bodies.

The conscious mind, on the other hand, is all about what we can label and imagine, decision making, “logical” thinking. In most cases is only directed by the subconscious, by the past, printed in our body-mind ego structure. Good news is that we have the power to rewrite the subconscious in order to attract different circumstances in our lives. How so? By means of our innate ability to focus. Of the trillions of bits of information we can perceive, we choose only less than two million. To direct our focus we must use techniques like visualization, affirmations, physically active rituals involving yoga, dancing, acting. All of them are very powerful as long as they are charged with emotion – energy in motion. In this way, we tap into the vibrational aspect of reality, that some call the 4th dimension.

All good. It’s a very powerful state of consciousness, you can literally and metaphorically, do the magic in 4D. However, you can feel that we’re missing out something. What’s that? Yes, you got it. The superconscious. That is the realm of the essence. Beyond past conditioning, beyond conscious thinking. It’s amazing when you realize that you can tap into it right now. Actually, you can only access it now. The prerequisite to align to a 5th-dimensional state of consciousness, that, for the record, is your natural state, is being present to the moment. True presence connects you to the superconscious. Why? Because you let go of labeling your experience through past-conditioned reasoning. It’s all about real novelty. You let the wordless intelligence of nature, of pure consciousness, of the Universe, of God – however you feel more comfortable to call it – flow through you.

From a 3D and 4D perspective, connecting to the divine is a process that takes time. The research of God, some say. Nonetheless, by realizing time is an ego-generated illusion anyways, you can fully tap into presence. Here and now. How to do that?

I’m going to mention some techniques you can research deeply by yourself after reading this article. We have that of  Proprioception, namely perceiving the aliveness in your physical body. We have Mindfulness Meditation, that mainly focuses on the five senses, separately and simultaneously. And we have more, I assure you. However, what really helped me in my experience, as a beginner and forward, is observing my thoughts and emotions neutrally. A non-judgemental attitude really makes a difference when it comes to awareness. You really let nature do its thing.



Mulberry Tree (桑树)


Picture by Vincent Van Gogh




So sweet are your children,

So far is your image

In the past, in the future…

Here and now I summon you,

Mulberry tree.

Some might not see it,

Some might not admit it.

Some might not taste

The texture, mild flavour, and aftertaste

Of those red, lilac, purple and black

Jewels, dangling from your canopy-rack,

Mulberry tree.

But I do,

You know, I do.

And so do you.







By the way check out this amazing song by Dylan Ryche.




Picture: Glass Of Water by Evelina Dillon




Pour a glass of water,

Witness the miracle of

Life hydrating all deserts.

Breathing bodies

Sliding boats

Dancing fish

Blissful rain…

Remember, toast with the trees on a rainy day.

Pour a glass of water,

Witness the fluidity of water

On your lips,

In your mouth,

Down your throat,

In your belly.

Pour a glass of water,

For a friend,

For an enemy,

For the people,

For yourself,

It doesn’t really matter…

Pour a glass of water,

As words fall away in the one river.



Active Meditation Workshop – Outdoors IBE and Mindfulness Practice – Edinburgh Edition


Picture by Giorgio Gosti




Let me introduce to you my new Meditation Workshop based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This session is aimed to introduce you to a new daily life approach and therefore enhance your overall mental, emotional and physical well-being.

As soon as you’ve read the title of this Workshop there must have been something that you couldn’t figure out well: what’s an IBE?

Some of you might have heard of O.B.E. – Out of Body Experience. Well, in my opinion, we have OBEs all the time. What takes us away from our bodies on a daily basis is the chattering mind. We are addicted to our thoughts – negative and positive ones – which in turn elicit emotions of all kinds. I.B.E. stands for Inner Body Experience. That’s it. And the means through which we are gaining access to the IBE is our natural ability to be aware of anything we focus on. Awareness is the key. By observing neutrally our body and it’s movements we are able to experience it without the filter of our thoughts. It might seem unthinkable, but that’s rather the point: our limits go beyond the rigid schemes of the thinking mind. Alongside with IBE – our very anchor – we’ll tap into the five senses following the same mechanism. Thus we become able to observe everything in a pure and non-judgmental way, in other words we meditate.

The techniques I introduce and teach in this Workshop alone will give you some tools experience your day to day life  in a whole new way. You will gain access to a dimension of peace and stillness that lies beyond outer circumstances – and the possibility to do so has always been there. These techniques come from my personal experience and studies in the field of yoga and meditation. The myth that I’m going to debunk is that you need to sit cross-legged on a mat or in the middle of a pristine natural spot to enjoy the benefits of meditation. So, in this precise Workshop I won’t take you in the woods or by the sea – as much as I love nature and its wonders. But, starting from the Meadows, I will take you right in the middle of the crowd of Edinburgh City Center and show you how to find more peace right there. We will be walking, stopping at the traffic lights, sitting around, observe things, and maybe have some food or a coffee together. Pretty common activities, isn’t it? It’s HOW we’ll do it that changes everything.




First and foremost, we will talk about some theory in order to apply it.. Afterwards we will dive deep into the practice and the techniques. The Workshop is 1 hour and a half long and it costs £22 per person (payments in cash or via paypal before the course). A maximum of four people at a time can attend and it’s necessary to book via. The Workshop is available in english, but I speak italian and some french too, which might facilitate the english learners from those countries. The price includes planting two trees with https://onetreeplanted.org/ in an area of your choice (Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America.)

Contact details:

call, text, whatsapp, wechat +44 07925333879




Get Off The Train


Picture by Caleb McGinn




Suddenly, you find yourself sit on a train car and you see many things through the dusty windows. How on earth did you get there?

This question takes you back outside; the train has disappeared, you can see the sunrise.

The next moment you’re on another train car, and everybody is talking about the sunrise: “How beautiful is the sunrise.” “Oh the light is too strong!” “I remember once, when I was in France, such a beautiful day, the sunrise…” “Who knows the symbolic meaning of the sunrise? According to the ancient…” “It reminds of…” “One day…”

You start running through the clanking wagons, even in the toilet you find people talking. It’s driving you mad. Wagon after wagon it becomes noisier and noisier; the windows are even dustier. You leap through the people in the corridor, they don’t even notice you: all they do is talking. Finally you find a quiet car, near the locomotive. There’s a lonely guy there. He’s talking by himself – you realize that most people on that crazy train are talking by themselves. But the guy stands up when he sees you, he bows to you, point his finger at the sun outside the window and whispers:

“Oh beautiful, but… maybe, I’m thinking too much about it… maybe I’m losing the real thing…”

In the wink of an eye, you’re outside in the middle of the moorland and you observe the sunrise with all your being, you become one with the sunrise. This time you know that you can get off the train anytime you like. You also know that you can observe the trains passing from a distance, you don’t need to jump up. Even if they look beautiful, with golden framework, red maple walls, handsome men and gorgeous women luring you in with their words. Yes, you can choose to get up, take a look enjoy someone’s company, have a drink, a juicy chat about the old days, fantasize about your plans. Trains take you places, that is also true, and helpful at a certain level. But you know on a deeper level that the beauty of the scenery is incomparable from the outside. Outside there is no comparison at all. There’s only silence, and peace. You’re right where you need to be. No past, no future: only now. Take a deep breath and get off the train of thought. Now you’re one with the beauty of creation.



The Song



Picture by Mark Henson




See divinity in all things.

From the shine of a misshapen paperclip

to the sunlight soaking a green-paved hillock.

Beauty is speechless,

Beauty is freedom,

Freedom is limitless.

Hold my hand and witness

Form and essence intertwined.

Witness the ever-birthing children of the Universe.

Shout, cry, laugh, let it out!

Now, shush.

Listen to The Song.

Feel it strong in your bones

Like a torrent streaming through your body.

Here you are, as divine as a sacred grove.