Exodus Of Clouds

Picture: Le Port De La Rochelle by Claude-Joseph Vernet




Art is my teacher.

I learn and learn how to observe,


Herds of clouds fare wildly above birch and maple,

While a patch of blue winks at me from behind ’em:

“It’s all a beautiful joke, breathe easy.”


My eyes become a conduit for canvas, color and brush.

The painters of old relive anytime you attune to their work:

Their subtle feeling is brought back on Earth once more.

Lights sing, sounds pour, the wind slithers softly

Around skin and bone.

While a low halo-nest,

Harbouring new life, is blessed;

Naked birch and dogrose lips;

Tectonic bark lines, and canal dips

Of hungry bills or hardy fish…

What more

Could you wish?



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