You Are Nature

Picture: Rain In The Oak Forest by Ivan Shishkin




Don’t be daunted by the dark clouds above,

By the strange mouthless faces,

By the ghosts floating by on an empty street…

My friend, stand tall.

Chin up, shoulders back, heart forward.

The rock towers above the gardens still,

And so can you.

The lakes of the north shine and sparkle still,

And so can you.

Rivers gurgle through the valley,

Forests howl their true calling

To your nature,

For you are Nature.

Beyond the school books

And the thousand words,

Can’t you just see it?

Can’t you just breathe it?

Drink it, touch it, eat it from the branch!

A connection so pure,

Fresh raspberries and brumble;

Perfumes endure

From pine needles as they crumble.

A morning drizzle, or afternoon storm,

Sunlight powdered

Above the Whole.



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