The Smile Of A Traveller

Picture: Train Traveller by Sarah Quandt




Strings and strings of rain

Sewn into the fabric of the night.

Mist among the trees

And feeble human lights.

A scent beyond description

Speaks of tales long gone:

The aircraft, the attendant and people going home.

Each drop calls to my thirst,

I observe the urge,

Acknowledge my desire,

With eyes of curiosity

And the smile of a traveller.

There is a conscious passage

Between existence and experience.

Remember, oh please, remember:

This is nothing but a playground.

No matter the game you’ve chosen,

You’re a viewpoint of the One Consciousness

You are the One Consciousness,


Having fun with Itself,

Through myriads of lens,

A mosaic of frequencies.

Such a beautiful show, with fireworks and all!

Such a privilege to witness the dream,

To sleep and awake…


Take a deep breath with me.

In and out, once more…

Is there anything else but this very moment?



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