The Dream Of The Bee


Picture: Busy Bee by Adam Santana




Is this a dream?


Ask yourself:

“Is this a dream?”

Past and future are nothing but ghosts.

Such fun playing with ghosts!

The bee, she told me, knows no ghosts,

The bee dreams a different dream.

Her flight, a neverending stream…

D’you know what I mean?

Stop thinking,

Stop elaborating my words,

Stop running away from these lines

Stop seeking phantoms of other times.

Read and feel, read and heal.

No excuses, today,

No clever arguments,

You can’t trick yourself forever, can you?

I am there, I am here.

Does it make any difference?

The bee’s here and then she’s there,

Amazing nectar of her life,

Back to the hive, she knows no pride.

Selflessly, she gives herself away,

In the quiet embrace of Nature display

Of unfathomable forces

And intelligence divine.

Drop the script, drop the lines,

Life’s magical when you shine

Through the cracks of your masks

No more fangs, no more tusks,

Just energy in motion,

Unrelentless devotion,

And love…

Unconditional presence.






This poem was partly inspired by the music of Claude Debussy.

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