The Gift. Guided Meditation


Picture: Deer At Dusk by Jimmy Cheema




The Gift

From 5 to 15 minutes


Take a slow deep breath. In – and out.

Follow my words,

And let your imagination paint the landscape of this meditation.

Two green mountains lie on the horizon. The sky is pink and red; the sun is slowly coming up. This scenery feels you with relaxing energy. This energy is a cloud of sparks, flowing throw your body, healing each part of it. It stats by crossing your left leg starting from the foot, goes up to the pelvis and down to the right foot. Then it goes back up to your belly, and it travels through your spine. When it reaches your heart, the energy expands, and you feel happy without any particular reason. Thus, you learn that this is your natural state. A sphere of energy spins in all directions in your heart center. Two tentacles of playful light flow from your heart to the shoulders, elbows, and hands. You feel rejuvenated. It’s a glorious feeling. Your neck dissolves like ether, it’s in a state of deep relaxation. Your face is soothed by the sun, rising slowly above the mountains. Your head feels light and tranquil. No thoughts. Only perceptions. In a state of pure inner peace, you turn your back to the sun. A young deer approaches you confidently. You open your hand to receive something. You intuitively know it. The deer opens its mouth and a tiny ball of golden energy surrounded by circling sparks floats in the air towards you. You can play and manipulate this ball. It feels so good, and child-like happiness fills your body. You chose to eat the tiny sphere. You close your eyes for a second, and the wild messenger has already disappeared. In front of you, the gate of a beautiful forest welcomes you. You step in, careless. The perfume of the woods, so earthy and fresh, makes you feel at home. You’re in the middle of a lush forest, and it’s the best place to be right now. Three birds, blue and yellow, flutter around you, singing. You understand the message in spite of their ancestral language. You close your eyes and open them. You notice your surroundings. Everything is meaningless. So beautifully meaningless. You understand that neutrality is the fundamental principle of reality. You smile from within. Circumstances do not affect you. You feel connected to everything. You feel your true nature.  Wherever you physically are, you feel at home, at this precise moment. This moment is all that ever exists. You look around and feel one with everything.

Take a slow deep breath.


And out.

Close your eyes.




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