We Are Among You: Episode 2


Picture: Undercover by Olesya Umantsiva




The aliens are idly drawing their smoothies through metal straws while waiting for food. It’s a hot spring day, and they simply enjoy the shade of the parasols at the bistro. They’re present to the moment, grounded in their bodies and sensations.

“Oh, I’m receiving something, Juma…” Kimi touches his temple like a radio knob.

“Oh, really? Who is it?”


“Ha-ha, fun…” she answers sarcastically. “Is it a pure frequency?”

“Yeah, I’m grounded. Through a human body, this is called intuition. So: I see a golden plate, a historical building, and…”

“Sarah, what are you doing here?!” a startled voice appears behind their backs. “You’ve been missing for three years, the police has stopped searching for you in December.”

“What is this human saying?” asks Kimi.

“Oh, gosh, the bodies we’re using… We picked them from souls who have ejected from Earth. Sarah must be Philanis from Andromeda. Let me manage this…” Juma looks at the man in his fifties straight in the eyes. The man is even more confused. “I don’t know who’s Sarah. And I don’t know you. So, please leave.”

“No, I know you! I’m your husband! I know the smell of my wife…”

“It must be a coincidence,” she produces her documents, “I am…” she blatantly reads the name on them, “Linda Harriesmouth.”

“A false identity… to avoid your family! Have you gone insane?!”

“It’s all about themselves and their family with these humans…” sighs Kimi.

“Yeah, the family is a strong collective ego structure. Let’s try this…” Juma suspends any thought and focuses her gaze on the man’s eyes. “My name is Linda.”

“Well, there’s actually something different in your eyes… I must… I must… be wrong. Sorry to bother you, lady,” he babbles and slowly turns away.

“We must customize these bodies.” Says Juma.

“Oh, another download from the Source: my body is from a single man; I can see his house, we go there to change our 3D form.”

The place is a complete mess. The stench of wine and cigarettes is still hanging in the air of the spacious red brick loft. There are clothes and naked people sleeping on the couches. One of them wakes up, a young woman, completely unaware of Kimi and Juma, and reaches for the line of white powder on the coffee table – the effect of the sniffing on the sleepy human is at best similar to coffee. She stands up and, in a mixture of dizziness and anxiety, says: “Oh, Martin, I thought you’d be back tomorrow… I’m gonna clean up, I promise…”

Kimi feels the anger heating up in his body and manages to respond without surrendering to the violent pull. “Alright. Get outta here. All of you. Now.” He shakes the naked people from their hangover slumbers and coaxes the hapless party host out. “Chop-chop.”

The orgy slowly lurches out like a legion of damned from Dante’s Inferno.

“Can I?” asks Juma with a cheeky frown.


Juma stretches her arms out, palms up. The eye-shaped scars on her hands start to glow red, orange and yellow. “And fire will be!” She channels her disgust in the energetic holes and two flames, bright and hot, raise from her palms. Kimi takes a step back; Juma shouts some alien words – probably for fun – and casts fire beams towards the filthy couches, the half-empty liquor bottles and all dirt she can detect in the room.

“Ahh, better…”

Kimi nods at her and moves his hands as if shaping something round. He creates a ball of compressed wind, then extinguishes the fire releasing the sphere in a powerful gust that cracks the glass doors and windows open.

“Awesome. Make-up time?” she hints.

Juma breaks through the locked bedroom by simply pushing and uprooting the door latch from the frame – she didn’t expect all the noise, nor the superstrength.

“Well, I had a key, but…”

“Let’s take those big mirrors and put them in the living room.”

They see their avatar bodies reflected back to them. Thoughts of judgment and unworthiness come to the surface. They gently observe the mental pollution, aware of the fact that it’s just the collective ego-mind software attuned to their individual bodies. Once they’ve gained back a neutral perspective the game can continue.

It’s time for Sarah Macsomething to become Linda Harriesmouth – without getting carried away too much with the new ego, huh. Her brown eyes shift to willow leaf green; the eyebrows thicken a bit in a Mediterranean touch; skin turns paler; her lips swell and ignites crimson red; finally her hair darkens from brunette to raven black.

“Wow…” gasps Kimi without mischief. “You’re gorgeous.”

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