The Door


Picture by Ram Onkar



A door in the dark

Nicely made, cedar wood, brass finish and handle.

It’s scary because it guards the unknown,

So excuses pop in the mind like salmon.

You believe the chatty fish and dismiss the door:

“There might be demons there, there might be effort…”

“There might be beauty, so it must be locked.”

Hence you pick another passage, the gate is open down there, easy.

After a couple of miles, the same cedar wood door appears, again.

You look the other way,

Walk more.

It reappears: you must surrender.

Now, you find yourself picking the lock

For days, weeks, months

Finally, it opens


“Wait a minute, it didn’t click as normal.”

Yes, my friend,

Sometimes the door you were so afraid to go through,

To be blocked out from,

Was open, to begin with.


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