Red Tulips


Picture by Laurie Justus Pace



I wrote this poem when I was eight years old for a Poetry Competition at school. This is an adapted translation in english. You’ll find the original italian version below.

Red Tulips

I see…

Two flames

Above two green stems.

I see…

Two road signs

That shows me the way of fire.

I see…

Two flaming spears

Lodged in the soil.

I see…

Two flowers

That play in the summer.

But the red tulips

Never budged their hips.

I Tulipani Rossi


due fiamme

sopra due steli verdi.


due cartelli rossi

che mi indicano la strada del fuoco.


due lance infuocate

piantate nel terreno.


due fiori

che giocano in estate.

Ma i tulipani rossi

non si sono mai mossi.



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